Bukie Olabode a Natural Health enthusiast and the host of Naturally Vital with Bukie. She believes in the healing power of nature and that proper nutrition is the foundation of healing and health.

She has experienced first hand, that healing is possible and the body wants to heal if we provide an enabling environment for it to do its job.
Her mission is to inspire and empower people to take charge of their health by exploring the vast resources nature has provided.

The Reality is a popular half-hour radio talk show hosted by Dudley Anderson, featuring people from all walks of life whose lives have been impacted by a real encounter with Jesus Christ. The scriptures tell us that the ways of man are but a shadow in comparison with the reality of real life a found in Jesus Christ.

The Reality is aired by many radio stations in more than 100 countries and reaches a vast audience via shortwave, FM, AM, DAB and online radio. The show is also podcast online. Among others, some people featured on The Reality include, the late Reinhard Bonnke, Loren Cunningham, the late George Verwer, Angus Buchan, R.T. Kendall and Pat Boone. Changed lives change lives. As you listen to The Reality your life will be touched and changed for the good, for good, by the reality of Christ.

“Worship Daily With Min. Lolovee” is your daily dose of divine connection through worship songs. Join Min. Lolovee every morning as we lift our voices in praise, setting the tone for a day dedicated to honoring and glorifying God in every aspect of our lives.

Let the power of worship guide you through your day, as we come together to celebrate the goodness and grace of our Creator. Tune in daily for a soul-nourishing experience that will inspire and uplift you.